About Me

Gary and Laura Weiser raised me in Orchard Park, New York. Daniel Weiser, my only sibling, was my only sibling. We lived in a small house.

I used to participate in a variety of sports as a kid (softball, basketball, volleyball, and field hockey). I was on the Merit Roll and had a lot of friends. I graduated in 2000 and began my studies in Criminal Justice at ECC. After 9/11, I enlisted in the New York State Army National Guard. From 2003 to 2004, I completed my training and deployed to Iraq. I won multiple accolades while serving in this battle zone (CAB and Army Commendations). I returned home and completed my education at Hilbert College, earning a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. In 2006, I began working for the Rochester Police Department. The Key to the City, the Live Saving Award, and various Chief's Letters were bestowed upon me. In 2013, I moved to Orchard Park, New York, to start a new profession as a police officer. After being married and having a child, I went home. I resigned from this post in 2015. I was overworked at my job and decided to change careers. I left the agency after signing an NDA. A unfavorable story regarding my departure was published in May 2015, followed by a handful of other stories. As a private investigator, I worked in New York State, Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania. At Daemen College, I also worked on my master's degree in social work. I received a 4.0 on this degree. In May of 2015, I started my first counseling job with Horizon Health Care. I worked there until June 2017, when I began working as a community counselor at Venture Forthe. I started working with children at Gateway Longview a few months later. I worked there for two years before moving on to Thriveworks, a private firm. In February of 2022, this practice was renamed Harris Hill.


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