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Amy Pfeffer is a licensed clinical social worker who has previously served in the military and as a police officer. In 2017, she started working for Horizon Health Services in New York as a mental health specialist and a substance abuse counselor. Following this, she worked as a community-based counselor at Venture Forthe Inc. Later in October 2019, she began working at Gateway Longview as a mental health counselor. Presently, she is employed at Harris Hill Counseling, formerly known as Thriveworks. Mrs. Pfeffer specializes in working with teenagers, children, and families who have undergone different types of trauma to help them regain control of their lives and enhance their quality of life. She is also a certified autism provider and certified technology addiction provider, and she actively works with patients affected by these conditions.

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Overcoming Shadows: Understanding and Healing from Childhood Trauma
February 19, 2024

Understanding and Healing from Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma is an immensely complex and sensitive topic that affects millions of individuals worldwide. It encompasses a range of experiences that a child might encounter which are deeply distressing or disturbing to them. These experiences can include physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, neglect, witnessing violence, losing a loved one, or other significantly adverse events. […]

Autism Treatment
February 6, 2024

Exploring Modern Approaches to Autism Treatment

Autism, a complex neurodevelopmental disorder, affects individuals in unique ways, making each case distinct and challenging. Over the years, the understanding of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has deepened, leading to the development of various treatment approaches aimed at improving the quality of life for individuals on the spectrum. This article delves into the diverse landscape […]

Transmission of Childhood Trauma
January 23, 2024

Paws and Healing: The Transformative Journey with Emotional Support Animals

The silent companionship of emotional support animals (ESAs) has emerged as a beacon of hope and healing in a world that sometimes feels like a whirlwind of stress and uncertainties. These remarkable creatures, ranging from dogs and cats to rabbits and even birds, possess an extraordinary ability to provide solace and support to individuals navigating […]

Technology Addiction-Amy Pfeffer Orchard Park
January 15, 2024

The Role of Social Media in Fueling Technology Addiction

Social media has become integral to our daily lives in the fast-paced digital age. These platforms offer unprecedented convenience, from connecting with friends and family to staying updated on global events. However, this convenience comes at a cost. One of the darker sides of the social media phenomenon is its role in fueling technology addiction. […]

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