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I am a Mental Health Counselor in Orchard Park

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Gary and Laura Weiser reared me in the New York suburb of Orchard Park. My lone sibling, Daniel Weiser, was my only sibling. We were living in a little house.

As a child, I used to participate in a number of sports (softball, basketball, volleyball, and field hockey). I was on the Merit Roll and had many friends. I graduated in 2000 and enrolled at ECC to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice. I joined the New York State Army National Guard after 9/11. I completed my training and deployed to Iraq in 2003 and 2004.

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Recent News

Autism Treatment
March 16, 2023

Autism Treatment: What Types of Treatments Are Available?

Treatments for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) don’t aim to cure it, but they can improve a person’s life by helping them socialize and communicate, function at school and in their community, and learn adaptive skills. There are many different approaches to autism treatment, each tailored to a child’s needs and strengths. It can be difficult […]

Early Signs of Autism
July 14, 2022

Early Signs of Autism

If you are looking for early signs of autism in your child, you must be aware of some vital signs. These signs vary from child to child but typically revolve around impaired social and communication skills, speech and language difficulties, and inflexible behaviors. Here are the most common early signs of autism and some of […]

June 21, 2022

Signs of Autism in Adults

Signs of Autism in Adults – Amy Pfeffer Orchard Buffalo According to Amy Pfeffer Orchard Buffalo, a person with autism can have many of the symptoms that are common to children and young adults. These symptoms include difficulty understanding social cues and repetitive habits. Some people with autism cannot process social cues at all, and […]

April 26, 2022

Babies and toddlers with signs and symptoms of autism

    According to Amy Pfeffer Orchard Park, children with autism may have a short attention span, trouble comprehending social norms, and difficulty transitioning from one activity to the next, all of which are symptoms of the condition. They may be unable to keep track of time, speak incessantly about the same subject, and exhibit […]

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